An Example Session

Derrick and his family got it all

Their friend and business partner gifted them a photo shoot. The orders were to go all out and do far more than one hour of photography.

The great photos

Rather than a one-hour session, we went for two hours of shooting. Also, more than the typical number of photos were cleaned and polished. See the photos.

A poster

A poster of the images was made. With the printer we typically order from, posters can be up to 42" tall or wide.

A book of the photos

A 24 page book of the images was made. The book was 8 1/2" by 11" and printed by lulu.com .

We did some light painting

We did a little bit of light painting as well as a lot of white background photography.

Headshots for Derrick and his wife

Derrick and his wife also wanted head shots. His headshot. Her headshot.

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Julian Cash     415.738.9385     julian@JcFamilyPhoto.com or see the contact page.

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